The times they are a changing..

Well, with regards to Bob Dylan, the times they are a’ changing…this weekend, actually.  Back to Central Standard Time. Changing time can take a lot of time — someone told me of a documentary on the guy who takes care of all of clocks for the Queen of England. It takes all day to change them in just one of the palaces. The royal family has lots of castles, and they are all over of the country.

Even though I don’t have as many as the Queen, it still takes time to adjust all of the mechanical and appliance clocks, and I am always glad when it is done.

I always get get a lot of calls following time changes. People accidentally bump the hour and set it too far ahead. Even though the clock says that it’s set to Central Standard Time, the strike remains on Daylight Savings Time. No matter how long they wait, the chime never matches the strike. After a couple of days, they give up, and give all of us repair people a call.

It’s really easy to correct. All you have to do is move the hour hand so that it matches the number of times that the clock strikes. Be sure to leave the minute hand at the 12:00 position. I have a longer explanation on my FAQ page, but this is a place to start.

Anyway, I hope you don’t miss anything on Sunday.