I’ve been to the Minnesota Supreme Court! And the House of Representatives, and to the Senate as well….

You could say I’ve been trying to keep the state government to operate in a timely fashion. We’ll see how successful I am when the legislature meets for the next session.

Anyway, I installed new clocks in the chambers, along with new hands that matched those of the House.  All of the clocks have been electrified since the capitol was built in 1904. The clock in the House Chamber was noted for it’s poor timekeeping, and the winding arbor (where you put the key to wind it) was 13 feet, and 9 inches from the floor.  Wouldn’t want to be the guy (probably) who lugged the ladder from the basement to the 2nd floor to wind the original clock, especially if he had vertigo or a hangover. Excitement can be fun, but not on a ladder.

Well, you should check out the Capitol!  It’s free to visit!  and it it truly impressive. After all,  you paid over $3,09,000,000 for the renovation-that is, if you live in Minnesota. That averages to $618 for each man, woman and child in the state.  But, hey, you can walk in and look around.  You can’t say that about every large building that the state has helped someone build recently,

Then again, what transpires  in this building does affect us. You can watch that happen, too!