If your Cinderella, and you want go to the Minneapolis Armory for a concert, I can help!

Well, indeed! We just installed a new clock up on the south wall of the hall. It doesn’t look that big from the floor, but it’s way up there. The minute hand is just under 4 feet long.

So now you won’t have to be watching the time on your phone while you do a romantic slow dance with your prince charming, since the phone doesn’t fit in your gown-I’m assuming your fairy godmother gave you a phone-actually, I’m assuming a lot of things in this post.

So, while I was writing this (it’s getting close to Halloween), I got to thinking about your transportation to the concert. You know, the pumpkin which turns into a limo? Yeah, I’ve updated that part of the story, too. Anyway, what would have happened if a thug overpowered your driver just before midnight, stole the limo, and was doing 60 mph down 5th Ave while being pursued by the police? At 12:00:01 a.m. would the thief suddenly find himself careening down the street INSIDE of a large pumpkin with a rat? (Yeah, I know that thought is pretty disgusting, but the rat was the coachman in the story.) Just imagine hitting a curb or a car at that speed. The big question is, if he survived, would the thief be charged with car theft and kidnapping or cited with a littering violation because of the smashed pumpkin? I guess it’s going to one of life’s mysteries that probably won’t get solved.

Well, back to the clock. It doesn’t strike the hours, but then again, it would be difficult to hear at a concert, anyway.