As seen on t.v. (my thumb), in the newspaper (on the crime page), and in a toaster collector magazine (yes, there is such a thing)

Well, we installed the Fort Snelling tower clock, and the county invited the media while we were setting up the clock. My thumb made the Channel 5 news, but we got a three column picture in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. However, it was on the crime page. We shared the page with a baby stabbing mother, ex-wife slasher and a police pedophile. Great company, huh? In this particular case, you could say we were all “doing time”.

There was also an old mechanical toaster that I repaired. It was the prototype that the company used when they started manufacturing toasters in the 20’s, and this toaster was one of the featured articles in the toaster collector’s magazine. Really, there is such a magazine. It was really hot news, huh?

Ok, no more puns, for a while….