One survived a tornado, and the other one came through the Holocaust!

Two of my customers are downsizing, and their clocks are available, and both of them are unique.

The hall clock survived a tornado. I’m thinking it’s because it’s so big that the tornado could’t didn’t budge it. (I’m exaggerating, because I survived a tornado as a kid, and I remember a house that was missing an outside wall). Anyway her clock is 91 1/2″ tall (which is 4″ from my ceiling). It’s has 5 tubes and a patent date of May 1904. The case and movement are in very good condition (outstanding, if you consider what it went through). It is missing two small pieces of trim on the front door, and two of the weights have had their hooks replaced. She is asking $1000 for the clock..

The other clock has the Menorah on the dial and a representation of the Torah on the pendulum. It was made by Junghans (a German company), so I am guessing it was made before 1933, because I don’t think Hitler would have encouraged its manufacture. The customer is asking $225.

Let me know if you are interested. in either if these. I have enjoyed having them in our home, but Sally says we have more than enough time on our hands.

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